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  1. Hi all…my company was acquired by IBM so here we are stuck using Lotus Notes. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I’m sad to say it still has the same stuff going on that I hated back in 1998 which is the last time I used it.

    So I am here for tips. I think the things I hate the most right now are how emails look (sloppy as all get out) and attachments and where they are attached.

    Any tips on how to make emails look better? I feel like I have to search through all of the history and crap just to get where I need to be.


  2. we have users that are the only member of a group “A” which group “A” is member in group “B”. When these users send a mail to group “B” they receiving the mail themselves.

    1. Hello,

      In the case you describe, notes is working as designed since it is sending mail to “nested groups”. This means notes will mail every person or group which is nested in the “main” group, even if person x is part of multiple nested(secundary) groups. Starting from Domino Server 8.5.2 there is a Domino INI entry that prevents that. Either manually edit the server ini file or if you use server configuration document, add the following ini entry routerdupelimlookedupfullname=1
      Then Restart your domino server.

      Now your users will only receive the email once even if their email is found in multiple nested groups.

      Kind regards

      The I Hate Lotus Notes Helpdesk

  3. Hi Guys,

    I know this is probably not the place but im hoping someone can help.

    I have a web application developed in Lotus Domino and have a bunch of JavaScript script libraries with the client side logic. Now i know that on a tag in the src you can add a parameter to make the url unique and thereby always ensure the latest version is pulled down from the server, i.e. “”

    However, when i try this with a script library i get a 404 and i realize this is because the script library is called xyz.js and not xyz.js?dummy=@Unique

    Is there a way of achieving this with JavaScript script libraries? I have the web application on multiple servers accessed through a reverse proxy so updating files on the server would meaning having to remember to update them on all servers which is not an option, having them as design elements means that any changes that get pushed out will go out to all servers at the same (almost) time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks

    1. Dear Neil,

      Can I ask you to log a ticket on our Helpdesk (use the Support button to the left), so that it can be assigned to the proper support group(Development)

      Thank you for trusting us in helping you

      The I Hate Notes Helpdesk Team

  4. Why does Lotus Designer always tell me i have a script error at line 1 when i clearly do not, i create a JavaScript script library, i edit 4 or 5 times and get the script error when i save on the like the 5th edit, the only was then is to completely quit out of Lotus and restart losing any changes i have made, this is the single most frustrating thing and drives me to fricking insanity

    1. Hi Neil, can submit a ticket through the support tab on the left side of the website please? We will assign it to one of our developers to have a look at.

      Kind regards

      The I Hate Lotus Notes Helpdesk Team

  5. When I click a new email that’s bold & I don’t open it as a new window, it doesn’t un-bold and show that the email has been read. Instead I have to manually hit INSERT to un-bold them and mark them as read if I viewed the email using the viewer frame. COME ON

  6. Don’t want to archive my calendar items .. but Notes leaves me no choice.

    This is what I do:

    - got to all documents and select all
    - Tools > Archive > Archive selected documents

    The only way to avoid archiving my calendar items is to not select them. But that means deselecting them all, one by one, but Notes won’t let me sort items by type (like to will let me sort by sender, date etc.) and group all the calendar items together so I would need to pick through, item by item, which I don’t have time to do.

    I need to archive all the time because we have been allocated a ridiculously small mailbox capacity.

    Please don’t tell me to ‘just go and look in your archive calendar’ because I can’t access anything within the archive from my Blackberry, only from my desktop PC.

    One of the main reasons I look at my calendar is to check dates of past events. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    The ideal solution would be a command to archive only selected emails.

    1. Hello Victoria,

      We had a very similar request last month. please check our Forum entry : https://ihatelotusnoteshelpdesk.zendesk.com/entries/22241697-selective-archiving-of-documents

      there I explain how to exclude all types of documents from default archiving.

      Also, please do check the 2 snapshots I attached to the document, so that it is clear to you
      on how to implement this.

      Hope this helps

      Kindest regards,

      The I hate Lotus Notes Helpdesk Team

  7. Who puts the Out of Office Reminder under “More” in a menu, its a freaking email client, make it easier to find.

    1. Hi Gummybear,

      Indeed that is the place they have chosen to place the OOO function. You can also access it directly from the Drop down Action menu at the top of your notes client.

      Kind regards

      The I Hate Lotus Notes Helpdesk Team

  8. Thank you I Hate Notes (not) Helpdesk!
    That is, they don’t hate Notes, really.

    I have seen the “other” site and it is unhelpful and often untrue.
    We are all guilty of needing to RTFM from time to time but, sometimes, as recently happened to me, a user of Lotus Notes for over 18 years, a total mental block got in the way of progress.
    These chaps put me straight, did not judge and did not enter into petty cyber-insults . . . they got on and assisted me!
    Why? Because they can and they carry to passion to go the extra mile to “help” when they could “charge a fee”.
    So, when I next need a chunk of Lotus Notes development, I will come here for a quote but if I get a mental block, I know they’ll help me out.

    Lotus Notes rocks! Make no mistake but you do need to read the fancy manual . . . . .

    Simon Mills, Gentleman Tester . . . a grateful guest

  9. Hey,
    Below are 2 issues we’ve got with Lotus Notes – any chance you could look through them and let me know what your thoughts are?

    1. To Do’s and Archiving.
    How do I stop Lotus Notes archiving To Do’s that are still incomplete? Normally I archive by going to All Documents > selecting all documents older than the previous 2 months > archive > archive selected documents.
    Doing it this way, calendar entries that are still active don’t get archived, my contacts don’t get archived (contacts are replicated to my mailfile) but my incomplete To Do’s get archived. To get them back I have to open my To Do’s from my archive, copy them and get them back – surely there’s a better way?

    2. Repeating Calendar Entries.
    Get an external contact (Exchange / Gmail / whatever) to send you a repeating calendar event – ie: a Monday morning meeting that repeats for 10 weeks.
    In Lotus Notes, accept the calendar event – all 10 meetings are added to your calendar (and it creates 10x “stub” calendar events that relate to the main calendar entry). Now archive the main calendar entry (the one in your inbox that you clicked “Accept Meeting” on to create the calendar event).
    Get the external contact to then change one of the meetings or cancel all future meetings. The email gets through to Lotus Notes and it either complains that it can’t find the event the calendar entry relates to OR it lets you open the event change but when you go to accept the changes in Lotus Notes, it complains that it can’t find the main calendar event.

    Any thoughts on how to fix these 2 issues we have with Lotus?


    Submitted from: http://www.ihatelotusnoteshelpdesk.com

    1. Hi Matt,

      what you can do to fix both problems is to create customized archiving(Archiving Criteria);
      I have attached 2 snapshots on how to do this, but I’ll describe the steps here:

      1-from within the database in question(your mailbox I suppose), go to “File-Application-Properties”
      2-Select “Archive settings”
      3-Press “create” button
      4-Give a descriptive name to new Archiving criteria( ex.:Selective_Archiving)
      5-click check box to enable Criteria
      6-Press the “Selection Criteria” button
      7-Select within how many days the archiving criteria should act on documents
      8-Select “only in these views or folders”, and highlight from list below which views or folders will the Selection criteria be active on.(Leave To Do’s and Calendar unchecked)
      8-Click ok, and click ok on the following pop up boxes
      9-Set Schedule of when Selection Criteria should run, or dont set it to manually run it from the Archiving button in your mailbox.

      Kind Regards

      The I hate lotus notes Helpdesk team

  10. Ok so Lotus Notes every now and then refuses to exit properly and stops indexing my archive. To fix this I have to:

    Copy notes.ini file in Users folder, delete notes.ini file in users folder, open program, close program, copy original ini file back over.

    This fixes it for some reason. I have no idea why.

    1. You can simply ask notes to update your archive, or delete archive and create a new one. select the icon of your archive, Right click and choose Application Properties, goto 4th tab and either select update Index, or select delete index, followed by create index. No need to kill notes and do the mambo jumbo thing with the notes.ini file

  11. Here’s a fun game to play if you find that you’re enjoying life too much.

    Go to your archive. Find an old email. Hit reply. Now’s when the famous user-friend Notes approach kicks in: your standard email signature isn’t automatically added (why not? who knows?).

    A bit later, look in your “sent” items for your reply. It’s not there. Scratch your head and waste time looking for the reply. For reasons known only to the sadists that designed Notes, replies to archived emails are stored in the archive “sent” folder. WTF ?!

    1. IBMer,
      Your archive is NOT your active mailbox. It is what is named after… archive! BUT, it allows you to create a response to an archived mail(reply/forward) within the archive, but actually sends the email response from your active mailbox.
      Notes as such a thing called a “Location document, or profile”. in this document you define what mailbox(database) should be used as your “default” email client(Notes is not an email client. The email database is). Your notes client will read from that Profile/Location document, and use those settings(including signature, calendar, etc).
      That is the reason why when you reply to an email from your Archive, that the signature is not filled in and the sent mail is not found in the sent view from the archive. It wil be fond on the sent view of your defined mailbox.

      1. “Notes is not an email client” I couldn’t agree more… Even when I understand what you are explaining here, I think this question and your reply should be sent to anyone considering Lotus POS for their company. How a simple question needs explaining the details of the “Location document” Developers and designers should be shot. Not to mention PMs

  12. All our company applications such as Knowledge base ,ticket tracker etc are present in lotus notes.Now the database has became so huge that finding an article is a dream.

    So is there a custom search plugin such as google we can integrate into it.

    1. If the databases you need to search are full text indexed, then you do not have a more powerful search than the notes search itself. A search on a full text indexed database will even search on attachment. Make sure you have your full text search field active by choosing View-Search this view from the database you are trying to search. Also in user preferences make sure to select use notes search instead of websearch

      Kind regards

      The i hate lotus notes helpdesk team

      1. Lotus Notes is unlikely to have a significantly better or worse index than Google, but Google’s strength is not its content indexing. It’s the search UI. The autocomplete suggestions and so-on make searching a lot easier, as does their results-ranking algo.

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